Treatment for Anxiety in Calgary

Anxiety is Paralyzing!Anxiety Therapy in Calgary

Do You Need Anxiety Therapy? 

You may feel like anxiety is calling the shots in your life – preventing you from engaging fully in what you want to do, and limiting your choices.

Anxiety may become so overwhelming that it interferes with your relationships, your school or work successes or your family responsibilities.

Maybe you are constantly worried, on edge and tense.  Sometimes those worries don’t even seem rational, but it is so hard to control them.

Do you feel sudden, unexpected attacks of panic?  Or times when your mind goes blank and you feel detached and frozen?

Anxiety is often experienced in the body, with symptoms such as pounding heart, shortness of breath, sweating, stomach upset, insomnia, and muscle tension.


Types of Anxiety Disorders

  1.  Generalized Anxiety disorder may look like this:  Persistent worries and/or fears that something bad is going to happen distract you from your day to day.  It is common for GAD to show up with physical symptoms such as insomnia, nausea, restlessness and fatigue.
  2.  Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder are characterized by repeated, unexpected moments of terror and dread, usually accompanied by racing heart, hyperventilating and the sense that you are not in control.  Since they seem to come out of the blue, the fear of having another one may limit your participation in normal activities.
  3.  Obsessive Compulsive Disorder may be the suspect if you experience unwanted thoughts and behaviours that seem impossible to stop or control.  If you have OCD, an obsessive thought may intrude frequently into your mind, and you may feel the overwhelming need to engage in compulsive behaviors.  
  4.  Phobias are unrealistic or exaggerated fears of specific objects, activities or situations that actually present little or no danger.  You may go to extreme lengths to avoid the feared item, but unfortunately that only strengthens the fear.
  5.  Social Anxiety occurs when you have a debilitating fear of being judged harshly by others or humiliated in public.  To avoid the potential distress of interacting with people, you may avoid connecting with others and thereby limit your relationship development.
  6.  Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is an extremely debilitating condition that may happen after experiencing traumas or life and security-threatening situations.  PTSD symptoms may include flashbacks and nightmares, hypervigilance, being quick to startle, withdrawing from others and avoidance of anything that reminds you of the event.


 Fast Effective Help to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety therapy will help you to use your thoughts more effectively to create the feeling states that bring you increased calm, clarity and confidence.

The process of noticing the profound effect that your thoughts have on feelings and behaviors, and moving on to thinking more intentionally is known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, a proven tool for significantly reducing your anxiety.

Exposure Therapy may be suggested as a tool to help you gradually confront your fears while learning Relaxation techniques and strategies to regain your sense of control.

Mindfulness Meditation and Guided Imagery are wonderful tools that you (and everyone) will benefit from practicing and incorporating into your daily routine.  

Mindfulness provides a quiet, peaceful space where greater acceptance, tolerance of distress and resilience can be nurtured, helping you to manage stress.

When your anxiety is linked with trauma, abuse, or distressing events, EMDR Therapy will help you to release the iron grip of the past and free you to become your best self.

Clinical Hypnosis empowers your unconscious mind to focus on and attend to what you really want, aids in learning the relaxation response, and can be a lovely way to truly care for yourself.  

Positive Psychology Coaching will fill your tool box with coping strategies and goal-driven activities to improve your stress management skills.

Phototherapy tools and techniques can offer fascinating insight and deep learning to see beyond anxiety.

Are you ready to Take the First Step toward a calmer, more empowered life?

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