Calgary Positive Psychology counselling


Traditionally, Psychology has focussed on fixing “what is wrong with people” by developing a thorough understanding of pathology and mental illness and developing treatments to relieve suffering.

I love Positive Psychology because it goes a step further by asking “What is right about people?”  The science is dedicated to the study of what makes a meaningful, engaging and fulfilling life.  It examines the ways that individuals, groups and communities thrive and flourish.  It provides guidance and interventions to help us attend to the strengths and virtues that MAKE LIFE WORTH LIVING!  

If you are like most of my clients….YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY!

Positive Psychology Coaching will encourage you to Find your Path to Happiness by exploring:

  1. What enhances your positive emotions, optimism and self-esteem?
  2. How can you feel more engaged in your life?  Where do you experience a state of FLOW? – That state where your abilities are well-matched with the demands at hand, you are passionate and absorbed in what you are doing so that “time flies” and you feel intrinsically rewarded and even blissful in the process.  
  3. How can you connect more authentically and positively with others?
  4. What is your “WHY?”  How and where do you find greater meaning and purpose?  What is your vision of a good life? What makes you strive and thrive?
  5. What do you want to accomplish so you can experience a sense of mastery and success in meeting your goals?  What do you need to meet your goals?
  6. What are your strengths and virtues, values and beliefs?  How can you align your life more closely to what really matters to you?

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