Calgary Family Counselling

Family Discord can be Distressing!  Could Family Therapy Help?

  • Is your family stuck in patterns of conflict or avoidance that just don’t work anymore?
  • Are you and your spouse working against each other instead of leading as a team, in your approaches to parenting?
  • Maybe you are pulling out your hair searching for a solution to parent-child power struggles that result in angry outbursts or tears.
  • Have you realized that your discipline strategies are not getting you the cooperation you desire?  Or maybe you don’t even have a consistent plan to deal with behaviour.
  • Are you barely surviving a difficult developmental stage such as the struggles of toddlerhood or adolescence, or the launching of older children?
  • Are you sad or worried about the growing distance between you and your kids?
  • Has the joy and fulfillment of parenting turned into frustration and anguish?
  • Are you challenged by blending two families and figuring out the new rules, roles and relationships of step-parenting and co-parenting?
  • Extended family demands or differences in values, culture and tradition may also present overwhelming complications to navigate.


Family Therapy can Restore Harmony

Calgary Family TherapyFamily counselling benefits include:

Recovery of the true purpose of family:  to provide a haven of safety, trust, unconditional love, comfort, understanding and validation for all members.

Better understanding of healthy boundaries and family dynamics, and behavioural coaching to instill healthy and collaborative new patterns.

Learning effective communication and problem solving skills to promote cooperation and resilience and to reduce conflict and hurt feelings.

Incorporating discipline strategies that recognize the underlying causes of behaviour, encourage clear expectations and limits, and help you get out of the anger trap.

Strengthening emotional connection and support and nurturing positivity, laughter and fun!

Calgary Family Therapy

You and your family deserve to Take the First Step towards a better togetherness.


We can have a quick chat if you would like to  Contact Me about what the benefits of Family therapy might look like for you and your loved ones.