Calgary Trauma Therapy

Trauma and Abuse can Chain You to the Painful Past

Trauma Therapy Will Help to Free You

  • Have you experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse that is getting in the way of who you want to be today?
  • Do you feel trapped by traumatic memories that intrude into your day as flashbacks or your sleep as nightmares?
  • Maybe you feel anxious, fearful, irritable and angry and very confused about what triggers those distressing feelings.
  • Does it seem like your life has been full of toxic relationships, criticism or bullying?
  • Perhaps there was a significant event such as an accident, assault, crisis or illness that you know you need to heal from and let go of to move forward in your journey.

In Trauma Therapy we understand two forms of trauma:

“Big T” trauma covers those heavyweight experiences such as being attacked, surviving a serious accident, enduring a rape, or childhood beatings.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder is an extremely debilitating condition that may arise from experiencing traumas or life and/security-threatening situations.  PTSD symptoms may include flashbacks and nightmares, hypervigilance, being quick to startle, withdrawing from others and avoidance of anything that reminds you of the event.

 “Little t” trauma often describes a more complicated situation of years of hurtful experiences that may seem less serious, but cause great damage over a lifetime.  The wounds of growing up with a controlling or critical parent, or being put down by bullies in junior high might also lead to symptoms of trauma.

The common denominator is the damage that trauma does to your ability to feel safe, secure, trusting and confident in your abilities to cope.  It induces fear and doubt and keeps you stuck in detrimental thinking patterns.

Trauma Therapy Will Unlock a Peaceful Present and More Joyous Future

Calgary trauma therapy


  • Resolving the trauma you have experienced will allow you the freedom to embrace your best self and fully engage in the life you were meant to live.
  • It takes tremendous courage  to face your fearful experiences but just imagine the relief and lightness you will appreciate once you can release the past.  
  • EMDR Therapy is the treatment of choice with an impressive track record of results.  In this work, you will encounter a warm, safe space to first build your trust and resilience , and then a compassionate partner in your journey through the tough stuff.  The destination will be more contentment today and a hopeful vision for a  tronger tomorrow.
  • Mindfulness Meditation is another tool that has proven results in helping you to capably manage your emotions and lower the symptoms of stress. 
  • Clinical Hypnosis can provide you with a nurturing experience that greatly facilitates your healing journey.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approaches are designed to free you from the detrimental beliefs that trauma survival generated, and create a new mindset of resiliency and empowerment.
  • Phototherapy offers a non-threatening and comfortable way to take the first look at issues that may be scary and difficult to talk about.  It can be highly transformative in creating new images of how you view your life.

Are you ready to Take the First Step into your limitless future?

You may be nervous about starting to deal with difficult issues, and that sure makes sense to me.  You are right – it is hard! Know that you can take your time, move at your own pace, and set the boundaries that ensure your comfort.  

Contact me if it would be helpful to explore this further with a quick chat to answer your questions.