Calgary solution Focused Therapy


All therapy is a conversation.  Solution focused Therapy is a model of conversation that focuses on developing and achieving the client’s vision of solutions.  

What does Solution Focused Therapy look like in practice?

  1. You are the expert on You!  You have many strengths, you have solved many problems before, and you have what you need already to get started.
  2. There is a present and future orientation to the conversation, and a clear and concise emphasis on realistic goals.
  3. We look for the times when your current problem was less bothersome.  You may be asked: “Are there times when your anxiety seems less intense?” “What is different about those times?”  “What are you doing differently when you feel calmer?”
  4. If we focus on what is already working (at least sometimes) and do more of that more often, we can readily make small steps forward to feeling better.
  5. Another question that encourages forward thinking might be: “What will you be doing differently next week if you continue to feel more motivated?” “What is one small step you can take today to get closer to that goal?”
  6. The question “How have you managed to keep your marriage together during all this turmoil?” invites you to validate your own efforts, and appreciate all that you have already coped with.  This may be a new way to look at your determination and resilience.

Would you like to try a Solution Focused Question right now?  

The Miracle Question:  

After you go home tonight, after all your work for today is done, after you go to bed, after everyone in your house is fast asleep… In the middle of the night… There is a MIRACLE – The problem you were experiencing is totally solved!  But because it happened in the middle of the night, you have no idea that there was a MIRACLE, or how it was solved.  As you wake up, what would be the first sign to you that will make you wonder – There must have been a miracle – The problem is all gone!  How would you discover this?

  • What would you do differently first thing in the morning?  Who would notice? How would they respond? What would happen next?
  • What would the next part of your day look like?  What would you do that was different than this morning, before the MIRACLE happened?
  • Notice how the rest of your day unfolds when your problem is solved.  How are you acting? What are you saying? What are you doing? 

The Miracle Answer:

Pay close attention to how your behaviour changes when you imagine the problem is solved.  Can you now take a very small step to implement just one of those changes today?

Perhaps there are also examples of “mini miracles” that you are already noticing:  better days amongst the ones that are tougher.  Is there one small effective thing that you did on a good day that you can recognize and try to do a little more often?  

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