Calgary counselling with Phototherapy


Phototherapy is the use of photos and photographic activities as the focus of our conversation during counselling.  While highly effective, and extremely common in Europe, Phototherapy isn’t widely available as a treatment option here in Canada.  I committed to becoming proficient in this field because I saw it as a fantastic fusion of two of my passions:  Psychology and Photography.  

Photos are a “visual language” that can help you become more connected to your emotions, memories, beliefs and insights.  Photos speak to a different part of your mind than words do, and they can let you speak and express yourself in ways that may be harder to do verbally.  

Every photo tells a story, but the story each of us sees in the photo will be different.  The meaning you attach to a photo will be unique to you and actually will say more about who you are than what the photo is about.  

We create photos to capture a feeling, represent who we are and how we want to be seen, keep a valuable moment forever and record our own versions of the world around us.  

Do I have to be a photographer?

Absolutely not.  Phototherapeutic techniques are not about being creative or artistic or technically skilled.  You will never need more than your simple phone camera, and lots of activities involve only photos I provide.

Here are some examples of possibilites in Phototherapy:

  1. Using “selfies” in the treatment of your self esteem issues or body image disorder.
  2. Capturing images to express what it feels like to be depressed, and what happiness looks like to you.
  3. Understanding family relationships and their influence on you through discussion of album pictures.
  4. Visualizing your future path and focussing on goals.
  5. Engaging in a conversation of what a chosen photo means to you can open up a whole new world of insight, introspection, exploration, healing and growth.  
  6. Since we look at photos through the filters of our own beliefs, values, experiences and history, you will learn more about who you are and how you relate to your world.  


Yes, it’s a little different than what most therapists will offer you, but I always encourage my clients…..  Don’t just try harder. Try Different!

Contact Me if you would like to find out more about using Phototherapy for Healing and Growth.